The fortitude of the economy of Pakistan relies on the Industry of Trade and Business that is carried out with the rest of the world from the Sea Ports, Dry Ports and all other declared customs stations in all over the country, this is done by many classes of individuals, may it be a businessman, a company or an organization. In the course of this trade and business all and sundry individuals involved in it by one way or the other pass through the Customs of Pakistan, where a Customs Agents enters into this cycle of Trade and Business.

These Customs Agents aid their clients in everyway, they are the ones who step forward and take it upon themselves the burden and responsibility of getting the job done on behalf of their clients, while on the other hands these clients are at ease, These Customs Agents face all the adversities and hardships, they embark upon a course where they go through rigid procedures and fulfill even the infinitesimal legalities to keep their clients safe and sound from any encumbrances. It seems that the role of these Customs Agents who undoubtedly are a foundation stone of the economy of Pakistan goes absolutely unseen and is never appreciated, where as their contribution the exchequer and economy is invaluable, Not only are their efforts unnoticed but it has been experienced and felt that these pillars of the economy are suppressed and never heard, But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursing invariably the same object, envies a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their duty to from such rule, and provide new guards for their future security. And fie to these wrongs that are being done, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.

And now to develop harmony and business friendly atmosphere to help promote the Good Governance, some Senior Customs Agents listed as sponsors to these Memorandum & Articles of Associations who already been serving the Customs Agents Community for a long time feeling the responsibility have initiated this task.

Hence here at Karachi on this 1st day of the Month of March 2007, the Customs Agents of Pakistan from this day forth stand united under one banner named and styled as “All Pakistan Customs Agents Associations”, this forum is made by the Customs Agents and is made for the Customs Agents. It shall strive to safe guard the aims and objectives, the rights and interests of the whole world, wherever its member may be. It shall give a voice to the hushed; it shall revolutionize the erstwhile methods and system. The disregarded shall now be heard.

Founders of Association

Syed Shams Ahmed Burney

Founder of Association

Muhammad Arshad Jamal

Founder of Association

Chaudhry Amjad

Founder of Association

All Members